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Here you will find publications of our university.

Scientia halensis

I am very sorry that Scientia Halensis is only in German. But you can find here some of the articles in English.

From edition 2/2017:

  • Better prepared for school     here   
  • "Posh schools" versus "Schools for the poor"    here   
  • Positive psychology   here   
  • World biodiversity council: Researchers from Central Germany actively involved   here   

From edition 1/2017:

  • What remains     here
  • Luther's Leucorea: Research in Wittenberg    here
  • How does Luther impact you and your research?     here
  • Indian Ocean Studies: ideas that travel    here
  • context: The Microbiome    here

From edition 2/2016:

  • Measuring nature    here
  • There is no road map    here
  • Oil in Chad: a blessing and a curse    here
  • Ice age in Ethiopia: refuge in the mountains?    here
  • Luther’s legacy    here
  • The memory of a city    here
  • Context: CRISPR/Cas9 gene scissors    here

From edition 1/2016:

  • Making science freely available: Open access publishing     here
  • “Success means having scientific insight”     here
  • Fascinated by plants     here

From edition 3/2015:

  • Steintor-Campus: All moved in      here

From edition 1/2015:

  • News from the past     here
  • Against risks and side effects     here

From edition 4/2014:

  • Rocks relay messages from the Bronze Age     here

From edition 3/2014:

  • A successful crossover     here
  • Help for students in need     here
  • Jubilee spurs on research     here

From edition 2/2014:

  • Design meets science     here
  • Targeting tropical diseases     here

From edition 1/2014:

  • The mummy’s colourful clothes     here
  • An emotional journey to the ancestors     here

From edition 4/2013:

  • Removed from office, banished from the university    here
  • Unforgotten injustice    here

From edition 3/2013:

  • Two universities, two countries, two degrees    here
  • From plants to human cells: Universal genetic scissors    here