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Acceptance as a doctoral candidate

Since 2015, binding acceptance as a doctoral candidate at one of the faculties of MLU has been standardised across the university by the “General Provisions for Doctoral Regulations at MLU”.
A form is available on the ‘Lion Portal’ – the central online portal of MLU – for prospective doctoral candidates to apply for acceptance as doctoral candidates.
Please make sure that you have followed the guidance on the respective faculty webpages when applying.

Application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate can be submitted here.

By accepting someone as a doctoral candidate, the respective faculty declares its willingness in principle to entrust the doctoral candidate with the writing of the thesis and to examine it upon completion. Furthermore, admission as a doctoral candidate formally determines that the doctoral candidate will be admitted to the doctoral examination procedure following completion of his/her thesis, if he/she submits the documents required for admission to the doctoral examination procedure.

We recommend that an application for admission is submitted in good time upon beginning work on the thesis. This recommendation applies in particular to doctoral candidates who gained their Master’s degree abroad, because such will be examined for equivalence to a German Master’s degree during the processing of the application. Equivalence is the formal prerequisite for doing a doctorate in Germany/Halle.

For the purpose of this ‘examination of equivalence’, please submit the following documents to the responsible Dean’s office:

  • Certified copies of all degree certificates gained from a university-level institution or university e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate. Please submit one certified copy in the original language and one certified translation into German or English. (Documents in German or English do not require any translation.)
  • Certified copies of your transcripts of records in the original language and certified translation into German or English (Documents in German or English do not require any translation).