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Living in Halle

Leben in Halle

Leben in Halle

The Halle Student Union (Studentenwerk Halle) can help students and doctoral candidates (aged below 30) find places to live in Halle. Rent for a single room is between 120 and 200 Euros (80-130GBP or 145-240USD). Because there are a limited number of spaces available, it is recommended that you send your application in early.
The Halle Student Union   

If it is not possible to find a student apartment, or you wish  to  find  housing  on  your own, you can rent privately or apply for a student apartment-sharing community  (Wohngemeinschaft:  WG).  The living situation is favourable in Halle because there are many apartments available and the rent is generally lower than in other parts of Germany.  The best place to find available places for rent is on the bulletin boards, found in the entrances of many university buildings and cafeterias.

If you already have a place to stay in Halle, but still need lodging for the first few nights, here are a few inexpensive possibilities:

Jugendherberge (youth hostel)
Große Steinstr. 60
D-06108 Halle
Youth Hostel   

Villa Jühling
Evangelische Jugendbildungsstätte
Semmelweisstraße 6
D-06120 Halle
Villa Jühling   

Hotel Schweizer Hof
Waisenhausring 15
D-06108 Halle
Hotel Schweizer Hof