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Pension entitlements for mobile researchers in Europe

Researchers need mobility. Material resources and an attractive salary are important aspects for chosing a research stay abroad, but not enough to attract and retain the best minds in European research projects. Social security and pensions are also essential.

When changing from one job to another, scientists are registered with several differ­ent pension schemes of all pillars. Therefore, ques­tions about pensions arise because the issue is not easy to understand.

Up to now there was no information about re-searchers’ pension schemes in Europe available from one single source.

The ‘FindyourPension’ website offers just this, allowing mobile researchers in the public sector to get clear, concise information about their pension entitlements in various different countries. The website serves as a guide to the public sector researcher in assembling the fragments of her/his personal pension biography.

The aim is to remove obstacles to the mobility of researchers employed in the public sector with regard to their pensions. The core issue is to improve information services for the target group of mobile scientists.

FindyourPension is part of theVBL project – ‘Partnership for Researchers’. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.