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Studying at Martin-Luther-Universität

student in a academic library

student in a academic library

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at Martin Luther University.  Before applying, please familiarize yourself with the different programmes offered at our university.  The General Study Guidance Office (Allgemeine Studienberatung) has put together all the necessary information about our courses on the website nearby. Before sending in your application, please make sure that the programme you are interested in is available in the semester for which you are applying. (For example, many of our programmes are only offered during the winter semester.)

The new university student: Bachelor and Master Degrees

Presently, the Martin-Luther-University has changed, where applicable, the type of degree programmes it offers; students will now enter a two-level degree system. This two-level degree system will be introduced in Halle in the academic year of 2006/07 in almost all departments. The highest academic standards and the integration of research and teaching will be maintained. Normally, the bachelor’s degree is granted after six semesters; the master’s degree after four semester. Master degree programmes build on the bachelor degree and at the same time the old “Magister” and “Diploma” study programme are being phased out. Only when a BA has been completed can a student begin a master’s degree study programme. In turn, a successfully completed master’s degree is a prerequisite for being admitted into a doctoral programme to obtain a PhD.
There are three possible variations of bachelor degree programmes: a course of studies with one major subject, a course of studies with two major subjects and a course of studies with one major and one subsidiary (minor) subject. The master’s programme consists of either one or two main subjects. More detailed information regarding degree courses in Halle, can be found at: (in german only)