Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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A Universal Education at the University of Halle

Studenten im Hörsaal

Studenten im Hörsaal

As an old university with a long tradition, the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg offers a broad spectrum of subjects to study. Among them are theology, law, economics, medicine, and liberal arts, as e.g. classical history, oriental studies, South and East Asian studies, archaeology, art history, modern languages, music, sport, media studies and the social sciences. The natural sciences are chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics (computer science) and the life sciences, such as agricultural science and the geo-sciences. There is also a wide range of subjects in which to obtain a teaching degree. Important examples are the life sciences (inc. medicine), educational theory and education as well as oriental studies and classical history. Further examples – and unique in Germany – are the degree courses in Speech and in Nursing and Health Care. With the introduction of the new two-level degree system, graduates with a bachelor’s degree have a variety of options open to them. Students can either choose to continue their university studies in a master degree programme according to their special interest or they can opt to begin working in order to gain professional experience and obtain a masters degree at a later time.