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Bank account

For your stay abroad in Germany it is advisable to open a bank account, e.g. for the payment of the semester contribution free of charge, for the payment of rent and health insurance, etc.

If you are entering from a country of the European Union, we recommend that you use your account from your home country if possible.

For students

If you would like to open a free student bank account*, you will usually need the following documents:

• Passport / proof of identity

• Registration confirmation from the city of Halle

• Tax identification number

• Certificate of enrollment

*depending on the bank, you must not exceed a certain age.

Blocked account

International students who do not come from an EU country must prove that they can support themselves for their studies and living expenses.

Often, a financial proof must already be provided when applying for the visa. The simplest and most common option to proof your funds is a blocked account.

In addition, the blocked account serves as proof of funds when applying for the residence permit at the Authority for Foreign Citizens and Asylum in Halle. Students who have created a blocked account for their visa can show this proof at the council for foreign citizens without any problems.

For questions and further information regarding the blocked account, please contact: