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Jobs and Internships

For  many students a part-time is job a good opportunity to supplement their income. International students in Germany can accept student jobs as a student or graduate assistant or outside the university as, ie a waiter or waitress in a restaurant to earn some money.

Please note that:

  • Students are allowed to work a total of 120 whole or 240 half days in a calendar year while studying (counting only the actual work days without leave or sick leave; half and full working days can be combined).
  • Students with a part-time job must have a record of how many days a year they have worked. Students do NOT need the approval of the employment agency for a student job.
  • Student jobs (as student or graduate assistants) at the university or at academic institutions may be exercised without any time limitation.
  • During study preparations (language courses, Studienkolleg) work is allowed only during the holiday season.
  • Mandatory interships (i.e. internships that are part of the study programme) will not count against the allowed 120 or 240 half days.

To search for jobs, we recommend using the Career Center at Martin-Luther-Universität. The special services offers for international students include assisting with the search for an internship, part-time job or a steady job (with or without a degree) to job training, or the sending of a newsletter containing the latest job offers.

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