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Dr. Heike Link
Referentin Internationale Studierende

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Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
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Cultural Events

Studying in Halle does not only offer very good professional training. It is also an experience with rich culture in a vibrant university town.

The International Office and ESN Halle (Saale) organize a cultural program for international students at the University of Halle, featuring excursions, cultural evenings, concerts, regulars' tables, day trips and much more.

The International Office and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) are there for you and will bring you closer to the city of Halle, its surroundings and German culture.

Erasmus Student Network
ESN Halle (Saale)

ESN Halle (Saale) is a volunteer student organization whose members are involved with services, for exchange students. The aim of the initiative is to complement existing care services and to promote communication regarding the events and recreational programs. In particular ERASMUS students get the opportunity to get to know more German students, to participate with their supervisors in the activities of the buddy program together and to present various cultural events in their own culture and better understand the German way of life.

Cultural Events Organized by ESN Halle

With ESN Halle there is much to experience. Bar Nights, Day Trips, Excursions and much more – the International Office and the Erasmus Student Network are there for you to get to know the city of Halle, its surroundings, as well as the German culture.

Language Tandem

German and international students, PhD students and scientists can participate in a language tandem. The Tandem teams can be formed, for example, from German and international students or international students from different language and cultural areas.

On Contactus, you have the opportunity to find Tandem partners.

University Sports Centre (USZ)

As a central facility, the University Sports Centre at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg organises recreational and competitive sports as well as preventive offers for students of all faculties.

The offers range from more traditional sports such as athletics, handball or football to health sports and fitness offers and exotic offers such as aikido, contact improvisation and cheerleading.

In order to be able to meet the respective level of the individual, USZ offers differentiated courses for beginners and advanced students.

University sports are financed on funds from the state and by income from course bookings.

"Stammtisch" (Regulars´ tables)

French "Stammtisch" (regulars' table)

More information available in the Facebook group "Französischer Stammtisch der Romanistik Halle   "

Spanish "Stammtisch" (regulars´ table)

For detailed information in German or Spanish see the Ibero-American cultural initiative or the Facebook-page:   

You may also write an email to .

Italian "Stammtisch" (regulars´ table)

The Italian Stammtisch is primarily intended to give MLU Italian students and Erasmus students the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas in Italian in a relaxed atmosphere. The Stammtisch takes place approximately every two weeks in the evening, e.g. in the Spielehaus, in a bar or a café. To be informed about the upcoming meetings, please sign up for the mailing list at Ideas or wishes for the regulars' table can be sent by mail to

Lo Stammtisch italiano offre la possibilità (soprattutto) agli studenti e alle studentesse d'italiano e del programma Erasmus di fare conoscenza.Gli incontri hanno luogo una sera ogni due settimane p. e. nello Spielehaus, in un bar o un café. Possiamo scoprire un po' Halle insieme. Se avete idee potete sempre scrivere una mail a . Per essere informati sui prossimi incontri, iscrivetevi per favore alla mailing list via      .


Englisch "Stammtisch" (regular´s table)

For the latest news, join the Facebook group "English Stammtisch Halle" (   ).

Polish "Stammtisch" (regulars´ table)

You are invited to join the Polish Stammtisch every two weeks and to  learn more about Poland and the Polish.

In order to be and stay well informed, we recommend to join the mailing list. You can do this by sending an email to

"Café Lingua - Sprachenabend"

At Café Lingua, you have the opportunity to practice different languages. Every language gets a table and you can chat.

The latest dates are published on the Facebook page:   

Protestant students and university community Halle (ESG)

The Protestant Student Community offers events, which include a wide range of subjects from natural sciences, humanities and cultural areas, opportunities for education and self-education, for critical confrontation with questions of faith and pressing problems in society and at the university. Political responsibility, faith, sensitivity to social issues as well as meetings between German and foreign students dominate the community work.
All international students are welcome here. In the semester program of the university community, there are a number of events that are conducted specifically for and with international students. --> LINK   

Catholic University Chaplaincy Halle (KSG)

No matter whether you are a student, a postgrad, an apprentice or simply an open minded young person: you are very welcome to join us, the Catholic University Chaplaincy in Halle (Katholische Studentengemeinde, short KSG). The Chaplaincy is open to everyone who is interested to talk about God and the world or simply wants to take a look beyond their own nose.

We invite young people from all over the world to be a part of our community and share food, faith and culture.

Every Wednesday evening we celebrate Mass, have dinner and enjoy community. Often, we have interesting people as guests for talks on and discussions about a variety of topics. At the Chaplaincy, you can rediscover, live and develop your faith together with other young Christians. It is a place to meet people, to find friends and to celebrate at. It is a place that can become home away from home. Welcome!

Volunteering agency Halle (Saale)

The volunteering agency Halle (Saale) is a non-profit organisation coordinating places where people can volunteer. They are basically the central go-to-point when looking for getting involved in non-profit projects.

Also visit us on Facebook – Facebook    – here you will find up-to-date information on funding and support  programmes and events, photo galleries, and you can always contact us!